Custom oil portraits

  • Custom Oil Paintings

    On fabric and 3D canvas

Custom oil portraits

In Galería del Retrato we make custom color portraits in oil technique. The oil painting technique is the most used technique since the fifteenth century. It is the technique that allows more types of finishes for its versatility, and with which we feel more comfortable to be able to offer you realistic portraits, with many shades of color and with more finished areas in contrast to other more pictorial ones.

Oil paintings on 3D canvas

The oil portraits are made on canvas mounted on a 3D stretcher bar, which is thicker than normal, with a 3cm edge. So the canvas has enough performance and packaging to not need frame. In addition, the painting acquires a modern and modern aesthetic.

If you prefer to frame the canvas, this type of canvas also supports framing, like any frame for painting frames.

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