Shipping & Returns

Countries of destinationPrice (€) Charcoal drawingShipping timePrice (€) Oil PaintingShipping time
Spain peninsula72-3 business days92-3 business days
Balearic Islands
83-5 business days103-5 business days
Canary Islands

323-5 business days323-5 business days
Portugal8,53-5 business days103-5 business days
Germany, United Kingdom and France113-5 business days154-5 business days
Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg143-5 business days173-5 business days
Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden163-5 business days205-6 business days
United States13,54-10 business days254-10 business days

General information for all deliveries.

  • If you choose a bank transfer as means of payment we will start working on the portrait when we receive confirmation of the transfer by the bank or when you send us the bank transfer confirmation slip by email.
  • Deliveries will not take place during weekends or holidays
  • Your order will be delivered at any time between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday (except on holidays). You will need to sign the acknowledgment or delivery note. If you are not at home to receive your delivery, the carrier will leave a card and a second attempt will be made the next business day. If both in the first and second attempts you are not at home, the courier service will leave the package at the post office indicated in the notice for 15 days.
  • It is compulsory for customers to check the contents of the delivery upon reception and to inform us immediately of any claims or inconveniences that may have occurred. 48 hours after receipt, the refund for breakage in transport is not guaranteed.

Delays may occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Excessive pending work due to a large number of orders, particularly on special dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc..
  • Delay by the courier service.
  • Unforeseen circumstances

We will let you know the exact delivery period when we send you your quote by email, after filling the form on our “Order your portrait” section.


Before sending the portrait itself to you we will send you a photo of it by email or WhatsApp, so you can approve of it beforehand. If you see it fit, we can retouch the portrait until it is completely to your liking. This way, there is little room for disappointment.

The reasons why a portrait can be returned and your payment reimbursed are:

  1. Deterioration of the drawing surface or base paper.
  2. Consideration that the portrait delivered does not meet the quality level shown on this web through the examples in the gallery.

Once you inform us by email ( of the reasons why you would like to return the portrait, we will verify your arguments and we will let you know if the return is possible. Once the return is approved:

  1. We will send a courier to the same delivery address you provided to collect the portrait.
  2. You are kindly required to hand the portrait wrapped in the same cardboard tube in which it was delivered to you.
  3. You will get a full refund, including delivery costs incurred to deliver the item. The refund will be made using the same payment means that were used to pay the purchase.