We know how special it is for you to have a handmade portrait of your loved ones and it will make us very happy to be able to do it.

That is why we offer you very competitive prices based on a deep knowledge of the techniques and a great agility to carry them out.

Prices of charcoal portraits on paper

This table contains standard measures with which you can find economic frameworks in stores such as Ikea or Leroy Merlin. But in reality you can have your charcoal portrait in the dimension you want. The price of your portrait with your custom measure will be equal to the closest measure in the following table.

For portraits from 3 figures, the measurements must be panoramic so that each figure is arranged side by side, forming a horizontal composition.

1 Figures8595120140
2 Figures135150170190
3 Figures190200
4 Figures225235
5 Figures250265

Prices of oil portraits on canvas

The measurements of 3D canvases, with thick edges, are multiple and diverse. To make it easier they have been grouped into 3 price groups that you can see in the following table. You can see the specific measurements of the canvases below the price table.
1 Figure160175190
2 Figures190210230
3 Figures230260
4 Figures290
5 Figures325

Canvas measurements (cm):

Small : 41×33, 46×38, 46×33, 40×20,40×40

Medium: 55×46, 55×38, 50×25, 50×50, 60×30, 60×40

Big :61×50, 61×46, 60×60, 73×60, 80×40, 80×60


The above price tables show a base price with which you can make most types of portrait. There are some cases that portraits have certain elements that will need more work time and that being fair will have a small increase in price.
To get out of doubt it is best that you request your budget from the menu link “Order your portrait”.

  • Background with detail

    Normally we make portraits with white background. If your portrait has a background landscape it would have a small increase.

  • Special items on clothes

    If the figures to be portrayed have special elements in their clothes such as hats, scarves, watches or prints, they may mean an increase in the price.

  • Hands and body

    That in your portrait the figures are of half body or whole body will mean a small increase in the price as well as if hands are included in the portrait.