Wedding custom portrait

Wedding custom portraits as presents to the bride and groom or to have a souvenir of your wedding created from a photo of your wedding album.

If you are the bride or groom and you want to make a gesture towards your parents, parents in-laws or godparents on the day of your wedding, you can give them a charcoal portrait created from some photograph where they look young and attractive. They will surely be touched and you will enjoy an emotional moment together.

And if you are already married and you want to have a special souvenir, a charcoal drawing is ideal. You can have the best photo of your wedding album drawn and framed to decorate your home with a unique piece of art.

Wedding gifts

If you are a wedding guest and you want to give a drawing or oil painting as a present, you can use photos from a pre-wedding photoshoot, photos of the couple on trips or special days, etc., that express the love that has led them to marriage. Surely your gift will stand out among all the wedding gifts that the bride and groom receive at their wedding. A handmade gift with an image that expresses their love, don’t you think they will be awestruck?

Do not hesitate and give a custom portrait as a wedding gift.