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Custom portraits

Galería del Retrato (Portrait Gallery) is driven, on the one hand, by clients’ satisfaction, and on the other, by our own passion for drawing and painting. It is a pleasure for us to do our part and somehow share a bit of your excitement when ordering a custom portrait, which you usually give your loved ones on some special occasion or for some special reason. Charcoal drawings and oil paintings make some of the best presents.

They are something special, drawn or painted entirely by hand and with a traditional and classical technique that great artists have used for centuries. One gets a message of love when receiving one of these professional drawings; if you are the one who gives them, you will feel happy and fulfilled. At least that is what you have let us know through your messages.

  • Charcoal drawings and oil paintings

    If you like black and white drawings because your thing is elegance, your choice is charcoal portraits. But if you like the color and the paint your option would be the oil portraits.

  • We edit your photo

    When you send us the photograph or photographs, we will send you by email a image made in Photoshop to see what your portrait will look like.. In this montage you will see your picture framed as you want, and if the photo needs it, we include photo retouching.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed portraits

    We are confident about our charcoal portraits, but we are aware that you may have certain concerns. If you are not satisfied with the portrait when you receive it, we will refund your money when you return the portrait you ordered at no cost to you.

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